This is a really nice list of simple things you can do to live a healthier and more fit lifestyle in a breeze!

1. Avoid Sugar
Most importantly white sugar/processed sugars but all sugars in controlled amounts. Especially when grocery shopping, be sure to check labels for sugar amounts. Take the time to check how much sugar you will be consuming with every serving. Avoid anything that contains more than 4 grams of sugar, especially high-fructose corn syrup, per serving.

2. Cinnamon
Sugar is an unhealthy and poor health choice when craving something sweet. If you still want a healthier option, consider opting for cinnamon instead. Using a dash of cinnamon on fruits like bananas and melons can help you get the same rich dessert taste you want.


3. Cut Back on Salt
Part of the appeal of fast food is the tasty salt it contains. If you cut back on fast food and other salty foods, you will start to better taste and enjoy the natural salts in healthier foods. Start cutting fast food salts and you may begin craving less junk than before.

4. Nut Butters
If you are looking for a spread for your bagels or bread, consider nut butters. Cream cheese and butter are not the healthiest options. Instead, choose peanut butter or even almond butter as your spread of choice.

5. Skip Store-Bought Dressings
Reading labels on store-bought salad dressings, you may quickly find that they are loaded with calories. Opt instead to make your own vinaigrette. You can store it in a small spray bottle to avoid over-dressing your salad as well.

6. Mustard Instead of Mayo
If you want to add mayonnaise to a dry sandwich, try using just mustard instead. You can save 85 calories just by making this switch. Next time you prepare a sandwich, forgo the mayo and opt for mustard to reduce your calorie intake.

7. Whole Wheat Pasta
If you enjoy pastas, you can make one simple change to help make this dish healthier. Replace regular pasta noodles with whole wheat pasta. This can help make any pasta dish a more filling meal.

8. Salsa Instead of Sauce
It is all about the healthy choices. If you want to enhance the flavor of your dinner, try to avoid traditional creamy sauces. You can give your protein or other food extra, low-calorie flavor by adding salsa or chutney instead.

9. Fat-Free Isn’t Always Better
ȊFat-freeȋ or Ȋzero trans fatȋ on food packaging can be misleading. Although you may thing you are making healthier options, these phrases are often hiding other unhealthy additions. You could be trading fats for larger amounts of sugar and sodium.

10. Silken Tofu
If a recipe you are preparing calls for cream, consider alternative options. Even if tofu is not a current part of your diet, it can act as a great replacement. Try silken tofu as an alternative to cream in recipes. Always go for the non GMO tofu, and as we always stress on CHT, organic! It makes a difference.

11. Baked Apple Chips
Have you been craving potato chips? Consider another alternative to this salty and less healthy choice. Baking apple slices can satisfy your craving for something crunchy.

12. Greek Yogurt
Greek yogurt is often a better option that traditional yogurts. Even with low-fat, unsweetened choices, you can enjoy the thicker and creamier texture. Each serving is loaded with protein, calcium and natural probiotics.

13. Skip Soda
Stop making soda your beverage of choice. Try switching to options with less sugar. You will be surprised at how much weight you can drop even with making as simple a switch as choosing water over soda.

14. Avoid Frying Foods
Although fried foods are often an easy and familiar option, they are not always the healthiest choice. There are many other ways to prepare your meals. Other cooking options include roasting, steaming, poaching, baking, braising and broiling.

15. Don’t Eat Everywhere
Avoid using the kitchen to do work and other activities. Keep the kitchen and dining room table set apart for cooking and eating. This can help you set a better routine for eating.

16. Clear Out Your Kitchen
Do some heavy detoxing in your kitchen. It will be much easier to avoid the temptation if unhealthy food choices are removed from your fridge and pantry. Dump the junk food today.

17. Never Eat Distracted
If you eat while you are distracted, you may often find yourself making poor meal choices. Try to confine your meals to the dinner table. Eating in front of a television or in a movie theater can often lead you to consuming more calories.

18. Avoid Packaged Snack Foods
Always try to avoid eating snack foods directly from its box, carton or bag. Often, these small packages hold more than just one serving. You will be less likely to overeat if you separate your snacks into appropriate services before indulging.

19. Don’t Skip Meals
While you may think skipping on breakfast or lunch can help reduce your calorie intake, you may be mistaken. Skipping meals can cause you to make unhealthy choices throughout the day, looking for quick and easy choices to fill you up. Your body is often confused when a meal is missed, and can enter fat-storing starvation mode which makes it even harder to burn calories.

20. Resist Restaurant Temptation
Make healthy choices when looking over your restaurant menu. You can also make healthy choices while waiting for your meal to arrive, forgoing any bread, snack mix or chips that may arrive before your meal. Especially when you are already hungry, you will be tempted to eat these snacks instead of just enjoying your meal.

21. Appetizer Salads
If you are eating out and want an appetizer, be sure to make a smart choice. Instead of reach for starters of fries or unhealthy dips or sauces, choose a healthy option. Make salad an appetizer and start your meal right.

22. Stop Eating at 7
Stop eating dinner late in the evening. Eating meals later can increase your chances of making unhealthy choices and may also mean you are less likely to enjoy a good night’s sleep. Try to eat your final meal every evening before 7:00pm. (Or adjust to your work/life schedule to a relevant time, ie 2-3 hours before your bed time)

23. Ditch Your Fat Pants
Stop holding onto any oversized clothes in your closet. Make your wardrobe match your weight loss goals. As you lose weight, start donating the clothes that no longer fit as an added incentive to help you stay on track.

24. Avoid The Indefinite Plateau
During the process of losing weight, you may find yourself settle into a plateau. Avoid settling, even if weight loss has become more difficult. Increase the duration of your exercise routine, even by five minutes and get yourself out of the rut. Varying the kind of exercise you are doing and times you exercise can really help as well.

25. Enjoy Life
Food should not be your only source of pleasure. Take time to connect or reconnect to other things in life that you most enjoy. Whether music, sports, volunteer work or even movies, be sure to spend your time doing the things you enjoy most. There you go the first 25, next time we will continue with the next 25 top healthy lifestyle/weight loss tips from your friends here at CHT Blog.