So you have made up your mind to get the body that you have always wanted. Good for you! However, if your goal is to lose weight quickly without making permanent changes in your habits, then you should know that these 5 fitness tips are not for you. They are meant for people who want to change themselves for the better and enjoy their health for the rest of their life.

One of the biggest fitness tips that any expert can recommend is to find a fitness program. Therefore, a fitness program should be one that is suitable to your lifestyle. This means that you must be able to sustain it even if your funds run low and regardless of how busy your schedule is. You must always find the time to invest for your health for without it, you will not be able to do anything efficiently.

It is quite common for a person who has been living a sedentary lifestyle to find it difficult to get started with fitness. Not everyone has the luxury of enrolling at a gym, let alone getting themselves a personal trainer.

This is where the internet comes in handy. You can find free or inexpensive meals, exercise tutorials, inspirational stories, and smart fitness tips. Don’t hesitate to join an online fitness and lifestyle community as well. There, you will get to meet people who are going through the same process as you. You can share words of encouragement and even let them help motivate you to keep it up.


But for now, read along in order to learn about the 5 fitness tips to help you jumpstart a healthier life.

  1.  Know your fitness level.  Before applying any of the fitness tips that you can find, determine first the current status of your body. Ideally, you should consult your physician regarding this as the internet might provide you with inaccurate results if you attempt to do things on your own. There are simple ways to check your fitness level by yourself, of course, such as checking your pulse rate prior to and immediately after taking a one mile walk. You can also do as many push-ups as possible within five minutes to see how many you can do. Lastly, you can calculate your body mass index.Whatever method you choose to determine your fitness level, it is important to know the condition of your body first and find out what kinds of diet and exercises are suitable – and not suitable – for your body. Keep in mind that not all fitness tips are suitable for everybody, because each person has a unique body type. The right fitness program is only effective when it is suitable for you.Additional Fitness Tips: Take note of your numbers while you are in the first few weeks of your fitness program. This is a way for you to track your progress and make changes when necessary. The best time for you to weigh yourself, for example, is right after you wake up in the morning before you drink liquids and have breakfast on a weekly basis.
  2. Tailor-fit a fitness program that works for you. A fitness program is defined as a series of activities that you do regularly in order to keep your body healthy. It is a combination of exercise, diet, and other factors that affect your well-being, such as sleep and posture.The only way for any fitness program to work is if you stick to your guns. The best fitness tips always center on dedication. You have to follow your fitness plan no matter how tough it can get sometimes.Additional Fitness Tip: To find a fitness program that fits specifically to your needs, consider the following details: your goal (is it to maintain your current fitness level, or for you to lose or increase weight?), your time (which part of my day can I dedicate solely for exercising?), the effectiveness of the program (we’ll get to that in the 3rdof these five fitness tips).
  3. Keep a fitness journal. This is one of the fitness tips that trainers swear by. A fitness journal is where you keep your daily log of the food that you eat, the types of workout that you did, the time when you went to bed and woke up, and your overall mood. You can also keep track of your fitness level with it.There are plenty of fitness journals that are being sold on the internet and in any local department store, but if you want to create your own, you definitely can. You can use an old notebook with clean sheets, and allot space on which you can write what you had for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. Also allot space for the type of exercise that you did, and specify if it was cardio, stretching, resistance, and so on. Don’t forget to note down the liquids that you took aside from the food.Additional Fitness Tips: To lessen the amount of food that you consume, cut everything in half the portion that you normally eat. For instance, if you order a hamburger, you cut it in half and keep the other for the next meal. If you find that you are still hungry, you can satisfy yourself with some vegetables for fullness minus the high calories.
  4. Drink plenty of water. This sounds like a total cliché but it cannot be stressed enough. Many people tend to be unhealthy and feel sluggish simply because they do not hydrate themselves properly on a regular basis. Now, that definitely does not count sugary drinks (sodas, artificially flavored fruit juices, cappuccinos, and milk). It has to be plain water. It is recommended that you drink 8 to 12 glasses of water daily and on a regular basis.Additional Fitness Tips: Right after you wake up in the morning, drink a glass of cool water. A lot of health buffs and fitness trainers swear by this habit, as it immediately wakes you up, hydrates you after a long period of sleep, and clears your digestive system. Also, if you do not like the tastelessness of plain water, squeeze a bit of lemon juice into it to add some zesty flavor. Also, did you know that when you think you are getting hungry, you might just actually be thirsty? If you are feeling hungry when it is an appropriate meal time, drink a glass of water and give yourself 20 minutes. If you don’t feel hungry anymore, that means you just needed to get hydrated.
  5. Start looking for Better Alternatives. Two of the main reasons people backslide (return to bad old habits) from their fitness program are that they grow bored of the same old workout routine and that they cannot seem to find “healthier” options as far as food is concerned. These two reasons are actually pretty much just excuses for someone to give up and feel like it is hopeless. The fact is that it is never hopeless as long as you stick to the plan.Also smart and healthy supplementation can provide a real major boost to your achieving your goals.

Every day, remind yourself of the goal to look and feel beautiful and healthy. The world has its way of giving you the right fitness tips and helping you find better options. For example, if your schedule absolutely does not allow you to prepare your meals regularly, then search for healthy fast food. This does not always come on a tray in a greasy restaurant. Fast food can be an apple, a cup steamed veggies, 5-minute salads, or other simple healthy choices.

Additional Fitness Tips: If you are craving for some healthy prepped meals, then search online for restaurants within your area that offer healthy and affordable meals. There will always be a handful of delicious, low calorie dishes on their menu. All you have to do is a bit of research. If you are not sure about your food options, then the best way to go would be to stay away from refined carbohydrates, which are in all the white carbs (white bread, rice, pasta, and so on). Refined carbs are the main reason for additional fat in your body, especially if you don’t burn it off through exercise. Opt for whole grain and other high-fiber (broccoli, spinach) dishes instead.

There you have it, five fitness tips that can help you get started on your journey to a healthier life. Always keep in mind that fitness is a lifestyle, not an arbitrary fad. If you find yourself “backsliding” every now and then, don’t worry. Just pick yourself up and start again. With persistence, you will certainly reach your goal.