Pick your foods:

From my personal experience, after some careful observation and a little digging around, I found out that there are some foods that help relieve heartburn and those that aggravate or may cause it. It took me some time to figure out which type of food does what to me.

Each individual is different, and as such the kind of food that give me heartburn might not do the same to someone else. Human body constitution is not the same. It varies between individuals.

As I mentioned earlier, it varies between individuals. In other words, the type of food that causes me to have heartburn problem may not do exactly the same to you. May I also add that, for such foods, it depends mostly on the quantity consumed.

It is up to you to find out; what type of foods do not go well with your body. When you know what kinds of foods they are, you will be able to plan your diet, and minimize the excruciating pain of heartburn.

Having said that, their are certain types of foods that are naturally prone to cause heartburn problems. These foods are generally greasy or contain a lot of fat.

Try to minimize or eliminate such foods from your diet. You may also minimize taking foods or drinks that may likely trigger heartburn. Example of such food or drink items are coffee, citrus, and chocolate. There are many more, but these are just a few of them.

Foods that are deemed tolerable:

There are foods that are known to be a lot tolerable for people with frequent heartburn issues. Some of them are, apples, beans, broccoli, potatoes, and rice. There are many more.

Herbs like Fennel, Dandelion root, and Lavender are also helpful in the relief of heartburn. The most important thing to note is, avoiding such foods that may have the tendency to trigger heartburn.

Prevention, it is said, is better than cure. It only takes a little time and observation to find out what works for you.