So you have decided to lose weight with fitness. Congratulations, because you can reach two things at once. You can reach your desired weight with fitness and improve your condition at the same time. In this article we will show you how to lose weight with fitness.

Determine the optimal training frequency

To lose weight with physical activities, you must exercise regularly. For this, you should schedule three to four training units a week. They do not have to be very long, but they must be scheduled in your calendar.

To start with, weight loss is a big burden for your body. You should therefore schedule the training units in a way that your body can then regenerate. If you go jogging early in the morning before the work and do not have the appropriate condition, the day at work will not be very productive. Plan therefore sufficient time for the recovery after the fitness and avoid, especially at the beginning, an overloading of your muscles and the cardiovascular system.

The individual fitness exercises can be divided into your training plan. For this purpose, individual muscle groups are trained on certain training days. For example, the muscles on the chest and triceps are trained during the workout on Monday and you work on the back and biceps during the Wednesday training session. This split into individual groups allows you to train them specifically and to recover afterwards. Before each exercise session, you should perform some stretching and warm-up exercises to avoid injuries and fatigue.

The optimal training duration

Many people are afraid of losing weight with fitness, because they fear that they have to spend countless hours. The opposite is the case: less is more. For weight loss with fitness, training sessions with a length of 60 to 90 minutes each, the time for warming up and stretching are already included, are optimal. If you train these 1 to 1 1/2 hours intensively, you will be able to record the first successes in a short time. The advantage of this short training session per unit is also the motivation. An hour for the training can always be spend and so there are no excuses!

The training units can be divided as follows:

60–90 minutes per training session, divided into 60–75 minutes of muscle training and 15–20 minutes of conditioning training.

Which fitness exercises are ideal for weight loss?

Basically, every fitness exercise helps with losing weight. The body consumes calories, which lead to a loss of weight while the nutrition is concurrent. It is recommended to train several muscle groups at the same time. In this way, the fitness training becomes more intense and the muscles are built up evenly. For the degradation of body fat, the isolated training of individual muscle groups makes little sense.

Good fitness exercises for weight loss in the gym are the spinning and stepper. For running in the fresh air, running is ideal. These exercises can be perfectly combined with kettle bells and power circlips.

Repetitions and intensity of the exercises

The individual exercises must be repeated several times in order to achieve optimal results in the reduction of body fat. It is recommended to repeat the exercises for weight loss 12 to 15 times. In the case of endurance sports such as jogging, these repetitions are calculated as time units. For example, in 5 minute intervals.


On breaks during the training sessions should be largely dispensed with. Not only does the training take less time but is also more intense, since the body has to perform continuously. Unlike the force training, which includes breaks, more calories are burned.

Duration of breaks

Of course, breaks are permitted, but these should be very well timed and observed. For metabolism and the cardiovascular system, breaks of 30 to 60 seconds (!) are ideal. Through these short pauses the system stays in motion and the fat burning of the body is not stopped, but stimulated.

More tips on losing weight

Bring in more activity in your everyday life! If you want to lose weight with fitness, you will get faster results if you get more energy from your training sessions. Instead of using the lift, you can take the stairs. Instead of going to work by car or bus you can go by bike. Just bring more movement and activity into your everyday life. This burns further calories and reaches the desired weight faster.

  • Be active in the group

Instead of turning the jogging circuit alone, this makes it much more fun in the group with like-minded people. When selecting the training partners, make sure that the initial condition and the training goal are similar. This avoids frustration and help to celebrate success together.

  •  The right diet  Weight loss with fitness can be accelerated, if at the same time the dietary habits are considered and adjusted if necessary. Instead of absorbing calories in the form of carbohydrates, a protein diet helps in muscle building and fat burning.